ugPDC Coming to an User Group Near You!

11/30/2009 12:33:40 PM

As you probably know, the Microsoft Professional Developer Conferencehas come and gone.  For three days, the latest Microsoft laid out the future of with great information regarding things like .NET, Visual Studio, Silverlight, and more.  Feel bad because you couldn’t attend?  Is your self-esteem a bit lower because you don’t feel “in the know”?  Well, there are a couple ways you can find out about what was talked about at PDC.

First, you can watch the PDC keynotes and sessions online via the PDC website.  Just check out for a complete listing of keynotes, sessions, and more that will be made available following the conference.  This is a great way to get all of the detailed information that is being covered at the conference.

But what if you can’t take the time during the day to watch a session or a keynote?  Or maybe you aren’t sure of what you should check out and wish there was a way to just get the more important highlights?  Lucky for you, .NET user groups across the country will be hosting ugPDC events. upPDC events provide a great way to spend an evening networking with fellow developers while seeing the highlights of the PDC conference. 

Local ugPDC events are delivered in partnership with Microsoft and more details concerning the agenda, registration, and cool prizes will be coming as we get closer to each event.  Here are the .NET User Groups that have currently scheduled a ugPDC event:

Cedar Valley .NET User Group                    March 2010

Cedar Rapids .NET User Group                   March 2010

Des Moines .NET User Group                     January 2010

Dubuque .NET User Group                          January 2010

Jefferson City .NET User Group                 January 2010

Kansas City .NET User Group                      January 2010

Lincoln .NET User Group                               January 2010

Mankato .NET User Group                           February 2010

Minneapolis .NET User Group                    February 2010

Omaha .NET User Group                              January 2010

Dallas .NET User Group                                 February 2010

Dallas ASP.NET User Group                         February 2010

Fort Worth .NET User Group                       January 2010

Knoxville .NET User Group                           December 2009

Findlay .NET User Group                               December 2009



Peer to Peer Series Part 6: Introduction to PeerChannel

11/10/2009 11:07:00 AM

In Part 6 of the Peer to Peer Series, I set the stage for learning how to use WCF's PeerChannel.  After a simple overview of PeerChannel, I show a sample application that uses PeerChannel to play buzzword bingo.  The focus of this installment is to give an understanding of some of the key considerations one must think about dealing with the message broadcasts that comprise a PeerChannel application.

The next few installments will focus extensively on building peer applications using PeerChannel.

Other documentation for PNRP:

View the Screencast:



Spaghetti Code Talks Microsoft Surface with Scott Davis

11/9/2009 9:02:00 AM

SpaghettiCode interviews Scott Davis about his recent work developing a Microsoft Surface application.  Scott talks about the application he developed, how he got started, and what it is like to develop on the Surface platform.   It is an interesting hour of conversation as Scott shares his real-world experiences and helps us “scratch the surface” of working with Surface.

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    Cool .NET Development Contest – Galapagos Islands

    11/7/2009 9:16:48 AM

    Check out this great new contest and your chance to win a 12-Day Galapagos Islands Adventure or a Smart Car



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