CES: Color Me Disappointed

1/10/2008 11:50:18 AM

No, I am not disappointed in the event itself or with any piece of particular news coming out of the event, I'm just disappointed in Microsoft.  There have been some other blogs and articles around about how Bill's keynote was a bit of a yawner and how we didn't have any big announcements or anything and I would have to agree.  For the Microsoft field there is a big focus on things like "buzz", "wow factor", and other things to energize various communities and to install the idea that Microsoft is "cool".  Unfortunately, there was not a lot of "buzz", "wow", or "cool" from Microsoft Corp at CES. 

There has been some buzz around Home Server (ignoring for a moment the file corruption issue - uggghhh).  By all accounts, the marketing has been catchy and well done and HP reports that is has already sold almost all of its initial production run.  Way cool!  But I was hoping to hear more about Media Center Extenders, some fruit coming from the DirecTV-Media Center work we supposedly doing, and maybe some update on IPTV XBOX360?  Not a peep on any of those fronts. 

Microsoft has a potentially great end-to-end media experience we could talk about.  At an internal tech meeting a while ago, we were shown a great, compelling video on that experience.  It was one of those moments where you sit back and say, "We really do some cool sh*t".  Unfortunately, those moments are all to often followed by "Why don't we tell anyone outside of Microsoft that story?" or "Why don't we really finish this thing and make it cooler than anything on the planet?".  Some day....



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